Monday, August 4, 2014

If airlines were restaurants...

If airlines were restaurants...

We'd stand in line to get in,
but we could pay more to be put at the front of the line.
We'd be seated at a table of screaming children,
but we could pay more to get our own table.
We could also pay more to sit near a window
or in a "premium" seat near the fire escape.
But, just think, if we called in ahead of time to reserve a seat,
we wouldn't deal with such things.
...but we'd pay more to even do that.

We might wait for hours for our food
or suffer the injustice of being told
"no food today"
And we might have to go wait in another line.
Because it's not the cook's fault
that it's raining.

We could get a frequent diner card
and come in with a coupon
to be told that the terms had changed
because the money we once spent
at this fine dining establishment
was in the past.

If airlines were restaurants,
we might not visit them
or just decide to occasionally
visit the only other restaurant
in our town.

We might just make our own lunches
or forage for food in the streets
where the restaurants have ensured
a slow food movement.

Just don't complain to the chef or the wait staff.
You might not be allowed to come back.